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5 Workouts that you can do (almost) Anywhere

Hey there strong people!

It’s been a while since I have created a workout post. Whenever I travel it inspires me to write fun quick workouts that can be done at hotel gyms or (almost) anywhere. Currently my husband and I are in Ecuador! This country has exceeded my expectations and has been one of the greatest trips!

Our first couple of days we stumbled upon the oldest gym in Quito, Ecuador! For only a $3 dollar day fee, we had a great workout.

A few days later, our hotel had an amazing gym included in our stay. It is such a treat when we are able to get our normal workout routine in but not a big deal if we don’t.

Along with quick workouts, we hiked and walked A LOT!

One of the things I tell people who want to stay active during their vacation is to keep it short. Chances are, you’re walking more than normal or doing other active activities (hiking, swimming, etc.). You also want to focus on the travel and enjoying the local culture of wherever you are visiting. My workouts are no longer than 45 minutes unless I drop-in at a local CrossFit gym or group fitness class.
Bellow I have 5 short workouts that can be done at a hotel gym with minimum equipment, outside, or even in your hotel room! Each should only take 20 minutes max. Feel free to combine more than one of the 5 for a more intense and longer workout.

1. 10-1: 10-10, 9-9, 8-8…1-1. 

Burpees + Lunge-lunge Squat

For this ascending ladder workout, start with 10 burpees, 10 lunge-lunge-squats, 9, 9, 8, 8, and so on until you get to 1, 1. A lunge-lunge-squat is a move I stole from Newton’s my new job! It’s a lunge on the left, on the right, plus a squat.

2. 30-20-10:

Sit-ups, Goblet Squats, Hand-release push-ups and DB/KB Swings

Run 400 m after each set

On this workout, do 30 of each of the listed movements then run 400 m (2-3 minutes). Then do 20 of each movement followed by another 400. And finally 10 reps of the movements and finish with 400m run. If you can’t run do 2-3 minutes of burpees after each set.

3. 12 minute AMRAP:

100m sprint, 80 Mt. Climbers, 60 Squats, 40 Sit-ups, 20 Burpees

An AMRAP means you will be working for 12 minutes, set your timer! Complete all the exercises then rinse and repeat for the reminder of the time. If you can run do 100 jumping jacks.

4. 5 rounds for time:

10 Step ups/Jumps, 10 Alt. DB Snatch, 10 Bulgarian Lunges, 10 push-ups, 10 DB Sit-ups (weighted). 

5 rounds of 5 different movements 10 reps each, easy to remember! If you don’t recognize  movement, google images or YouTube!

5. 21-15-9:

DB Thrusters + Burpees 

This rep scheme is not new if you have tried CrossFit before. And while it looks “easy” it’s a sneaky one! Grab some dumbbells for the Thrusters do 21 then 21 burpees, then 15-15 and finally 9-9. Add a short run in between for some extra cardio!

Hope you all enjoy some of these quick workouts! I tried almost all and they kicked my butt (combined with the fact that I am at over 9,000 ft. elevation).


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