Rome and Paris: Healthy Eating and Fitness Tips

Hey there strong people! I want to share with you our recent trip to Rome and Paris which was a blast! Specifically I want to let you all know where we ate and worked out along with tips to stay healthy all around! Here we go!

Where we ate: Tips to stay healthy while not missing out on the culture.

Without a doubt, Italy and France have some of the worlds most delicious foods and influential cuisine. I did not want to miss out on indulging in the food culture but wanted to keep eating some healthy foods. Here are a few tips before I dive into the places we loved.

Eat a solid breakfast. I knew I wanted to enjoy pizza and gelato for lunch or dinner so I would skip the pastries on the breakfast table.

Find some healthy restaurants. I didn’t take my own advice until later in our trip when I was feeling like my body was made out of gelato, pizza, pasta and bread. Once we found a restaurant that offered healthy options and/or gluten free options, my body felt better.

Bring snacks from home and/or buy snacks from the local grocery store.  There were a few times where we were “starving” and my Lara bars came in handy. Check out my “20 Healthy Road Trip Snacks” post for some snack ideas!

My favorite ROME restaurants.

All gluten free at Mama Eat Menu per Celiaci (Trastevere neighborhood). They cook gluten free dishes in a separate kitchen!

Eating gluten free in Italy is not impossible! Pizza Spaghetteria is another gluten free restaurant we found but did not eat here. I wanted to share it anyway!

Gioia Mia was one of our favorite places in rome! The service was amazing and it was away from all the “touristy” places. This was close to Villa Borghese and Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Plaza).

After so much pasta and pizza, I wanted some meat! The Meat Market had a lot of options and great burgers.

My favorite Paris restaurants.

Cheese platter and Duck Confit at Cafe Du Marche. The street this was on was lively: Rue Cler. A lot of restaurants and outdoor markets.

Best Crepe I’ve ever had was at Crepuscule. They serve sweet and savory crepes and are extremely friendly.

Where we worked out: Gyms plus tips to stay active!

When we left for this trip, we wanted to make sure we stayed active and got a couple actual gym workouts in. If we did not make it to the gym, we didn’t sweat it (pun intended) because we were in ROME or PARIS after all. We knew that we would be indulging a bit into some foods we don’t regularly have so moving was important.

Walk everywhere. There were times when we could have taken a taxi but walking to places allowed us to move A LOT and see a lot more wonderful places. For example, we wanted to get to Trevi Fountain from our hotel and decided to walk (60 minute walk). On the way there, we walked by The Vatican, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, and so much more!

Have some “hotel workouts” planned out. No equipment short workouts you can do anywhere will come in handy. Check out my “10 No Equipment Needed Workouts” post for some ideas. These can be done at a park, in our hotel, basically anywhere!

Find gyms near by. If you must, find a nearby gym. It is a great way to meet locals and make new friends. We dropped in at a couple CrossFit gyms and some fitness centers. We got lucky a couple times and got a workout in for free or by buying a gym t-shirt. A little tip, for general fitness folks, don’t expect to hit the same numbers or weight you normally do. You are not in your regular routine. Keep it light and have some fun!

Rome Gyms

11K CrossFit near St. Peters neighborhood (Vatican City).

Crossfit Trastevere in the Trastevere Neighborhood.

Such a great gym. The set-up was awesome!

Paris Gyms

Health City near in the Eiffel Tower neighborhood.

Had a great workout. They had a solid functional area with a lot of dumbells, kettlebells, snadbags, etc.

Please leave a comment bellow with any questions regarding the places we visited!

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